A Travelogue – “The Journey Begins”

A friend of mine who wants to be anonymous wrote this beautiful travelogue, from her trip to Goa.

Free since birth and vagabond by nature is a healthy combo for a curiosity driven girl. Here’s presenting the prologue to the exotic tale of an impertinent chit who dares to be herself.
May 25:
I was looking forward to this day more than my birthday, so you can well imagine how momentous the day must be. It was this day which saw me and my travel loving family embark on a trip to a new land yet again—the lush and lovable GOA. New people, new cuisine, new hotels, new lifestyles –it’s BEWITCHING. Everybody should have a taste of this magic more than once in their life.

Even the casual journey from the airport to my holiday resort proved to be a thrilling experience. Picturesque landscape greeted my eyes everywhere I looked. Red, blue, green, purple colored houses dotted the roadside showcasing the significant influence of Portuguese cultural extravaganza in the lives of Goans.’24 HOURS SERVICE’ bars being the biggest hit in the category of local specialties could be found at every nook and corner!!Although the afternoon weather was hot, the sea breeze was amazingly refreshing. With its heavy scent and languor it caressed my face like a lover’s touch evoking joy and freedom at the same time. And the people here are another story altogether. Apparently men & pants is a rare combination to be seen. Men here wear the ‘Lungi’ (Indian Sarong for Men) which is the locally preferred attire whereas women are dressed in frock and skirts and dammit the place lives its touristic jingle ‘365 DAYS ON A HOLIDAY’ everyday. During my journey to the resort I hardly saw anyone in the streets or for that matter any shopping hustle bustle in the afternoon which as my mother informed me later was due to the ‘SIESTA’ culture prevalent in Goa.

My resort cannot be described in any other words except THE HEAVENLY DELIGHT OF GOA. Massive and spread across thousands of acres it boasted of the best state of art architecture and enough facilities to entertain the guests till they drop dead. Swimming, yoga, gym, library, game zone and internet were few of my interests which I decided to pursue relentlessly in the next 6 days. After a few hours of rest in our room, I browbeat my parents into visiting each and every corner of this palace of bliss. Last and not the least we visited the beautiful and exclusively maintained beach overlooking the hotel which provides a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea.

There is something magical about visiting the seacoast at night my friends’ .Something out of this world. Recommended to one and all. Starry sky, gentle sound of the waves crashing on the coastline—the mood is romantic ultimo. Coming back to the resort restaurant after the ‘hectic know-it-all’ trip, me and my parents were greeted with a delightful dinner menu. Today’s theme was Rajasthani with salad starters, cheese pasta for kids, puddings, soups and what not. Mouthwatering aint it? It took us three rounds to quench our hunger plus we overate because the food was delicious beyond compare. And hereby ends the story of my first day of a new life, the story of the world as I see it.

P.S. I was bitten by the photography bug as soon as I stepped into Goa which led me to capture around 100 images each day with my parents digital camera. Here are a few from the collection. Hope you enjoy their uniqueness as I did. Right now am trying to convince my parents to try out the delicacies of exotic Goan seafood and cocktails at our superb resort bar. Got to go.

Until next time.

-Miss Blogger 19

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