I say i m fine…but i m bleeding on the inside
I say i know what i want…but i m lost with no guide
I cry in the day into the night
I try my best not to show my sorrow in the light

My tormented soul blames itself for the man I have become
My heart screams for not loving u enough
I ask God what did i do? what did i do?
I cant live anymore like this
Dear G0d, end this insanity with your tender kiss..

If u cant love me…dont tell me
I am happy to live in this fantasy
Away from cold reality..

All I want to say is when I die..
Please dont cry…
I AM already dead..I cant die ….!

The world is my Playground..
I can play every role
Don’t call me a faker
Because players are we all…

No one knowz da real me..
and I want to keep it that way
But dont call me a loner,
My fren; thats wat u say…

My mask is my save harbor..
My existence is one day away,
My acting my strongest armor..

And tomorrow I will fade…..
Start over, New begin,
Because dis is wat my life is for,
On one place I can not stay..

My life as a soap..
Star of my own show,
Tomorrow it will stop,
This falling star…
Somebody hs to go…
P E A C E !!!


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